Root canal treatment (RCT)

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Root end surgery (Apicoectomy)

In this procedure, the endodontist opens the gum tissue near the tooth to see the underlying bone and to remove any inflamed or infected tissue. The very end of the root is also removed


It is a method of treatment for immature permanent teeth in which root growth and development ceased due to pulp necrosis.


It is a procedure that addresses the shortcomings involved with capping the inflamed dental pulp of an incompletely developed tooth.

Repeat Root Canal Treatment (reRCT)

The success rate of Root Canals is usually between 85-95% of all the Root Canals performed but the failure rate increases and changes from patient to patient and dentist to dentist depending on many factors.

Endodontic consultation & treatment plan

A fitting treatment plan should be formulated and should involve a holistic approach to what is required, Treatment therefore should be highly individualized for the patient as well as the disease

Dental implants

Implants are the best treatment for dental problems


Laminate is the best way to have a beautiful smile

Dr. Kavoos Ghajar
DDS . Endodontist . Board Certified

Dr. Kavoos Ghajar was born in 1982, Tehran. He passed primary school, high school and college with high grades and entered the major of Dental Medicine at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences where he graduated with honors in 2008. After 2 years of gaining experience, in 2010, he entered courses in the field of root canal therapy (endodontics) and, 3 years later, successfully became a board-certified Endodontist. He is now a faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University. He has also acquired an International Dental MBA degree in “management of medical and dental centers”. Nowadays, Dr. Ghajar works in two Dental Clinics in Tehran, Iran.

Why Dr. Qajar Dental Clinic?

Use modern technology

Dr. Kavoos Ghajar’s office is one of the first specialized centers in Tehran equipped with Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM), which is used for the precise and accurate endodontic Treatments like Root canal Treatment, Root end surgery and proper diagnosis of dental injuries. Undoubtedly, an 8-step magnification microscope allows a dentist to be better in his activity, together with the observation of the therapeutic complexity of the tooth root, ultimately leads to better treatment outcomes for the benefit of the patient. The center also has precise electronic devices such as tooth vitality test, root canal length measuring devices and digital radio graphic devices that have much less radiation than ordinary radio graphs.

Specialized treatment methods

All treatments are done based on the recent scientific and research achievements of the world. According to increasing advances in dentistry and the development of new materials and tools, this center is constantly updating its therapeutic approaches, and the use of the best components has always been a top priority for the complex. Teaching Dentistry Students at the university and doing researches and participating in Domestic and international conferences is one of the distinguishing features of the Doctor Ghajar’s Specialist Center.

Observing professional ethics

Our center is committed to doing the best possible treatments. Provide a suitable treatment plan that is to the advantage of the patient and can meet his/her expectations. By explaining the present status of the teeth and presenting possible treatments, the patient can participate consciously in choosing the treatment plan and receive information about the success rate of the treatment and its advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, professional and ethical interaction with other colleagues regarding the process of completing the treatment (If needed) is one of the highlights of this specialized center.

Endodontic Treatments

Dr. Ghajar’s offices in Tehran (Iran)

Unit 9, 5th Floor, No. 4, Yaas dead end, next to Shariati Metro station, Shariati St , Tehran



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